Sunday, June 29, 2008

funny oxymorons

Funny Oxymorons
Funny Random Oxymorons :)

a furtune cookie

Fortune Cookie
Need a vague and concise description of your future? This fortune cookie widget will supply you with a seemingly endless amount of predictions and wisdom.

a light bulb

Light Bulb
This is just a silly light bulb that can be turned on and off. Just pull the chain!

you can turn it on and off.

try it.

Neopets Cheats

Hasee Bounce - Neopets

Mobile Phone Scanner

Phone scanner is a free tool that uses a secret script to check anybody’s phone conversation in the world Anonymously.

Check any GSM (cellular - mobile) phone including those of your friend, family, boss, your kids etc:)

Piano Lessons

Play Piano

virtual cat

Nouvelles |

Weather - Environment Canada

CBC News

Citizenship and Immigration Canada News

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Healing Herbal Teas

Zen Meditation Chimes

The Chakra System of Energy Healing

Alternative Energy News

Avoid Scams and Cons

Make Money With The Internet

PC Guide Posts

Internet Business and Web Design


Most Views by Country

Most Viewed Pages

Internet Traffic

a la une - world headlines

Simpsons Quotes



Discovery News

Cost of the War in Iraq

The Original Chris Crocker Leave Britney Alone Video

Alright... seriously folks. In nine months this kid got over TWENTY ONE MILLION HITS.

He needs to be awarded a degree in viral marketing.

Carlin on Saving The Planet

There are no words.

Not even seven.

George Carlin Have A Nice Day

There are no words. Not even seven.

George Carlin as Mister Conductor

Goodbye George Carlin.

There are no words. Not even seven.

Goodbye Mister Conductor

George Carlin.

There are no words. Not even seven.



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Examples of Assistive Technology Products

Examples of Assistive Technology Products

* Trackballs have the ball on top instead of underneath for those who struggle with moving the mouse accurately on a desk. Logitech may be willing to donate some to your site; contact the Canadian office for details.
* List of other alternatives to the traditional mouse. For more options, search at Google for 'alternative, mouse'.
* Download a collection of non-traditional mouse pointers that you can use to help people with low vision better see the mouse pointers on the screen. Once you've downloaded the program, double-click it, then read the README file it creates for more instructions on how to install.
* Screen Magnifier programs assist those who have a visual impairment by 'blowing up' parts of the screen to show larger text/images.
* Screen Reader software is designed to help those with a severe visual impairment, and also those with low literacy.
* Reading software is a little different, as it is designed to help people with visual impairments to read printed material that is input into the computer with a scanner.

Information about Viruses

Get Information about Viruses



A virus is a small computer program that attaches itself to other programs. The only way to "catch" a virus is to run an infected program. You can unintentionally download virus from a web site or get it from a disk that someone has lent you. When an infected program is run, the virus is also run, which allows the virus to replicate by attaching itself to other programs. There are some viruses that can crash computers and even damage files and some that do nothing but replicate. Software is available to detect and remove viruses, but you must keep your "pattern" up to date. One good defense against viruses is to be careful not to download programs or data from a site you're not familiar with, but this is not a guaranteed defense because people you know may easily send you a virus in an e-mail attachment without knowing they have a virus on their own computer.

A virus hoax is a false warning about a computer virus. Typically, the warning arrives in an e-mail. These notes are usually forwarded using distribution lists and they will typically suggest that the recipient forward the note to other distribution lists, or to 'everyone in your address book'. If you get a message about a new virus you should check to see whether it is a hoax before forwarding the warning to other people. You can check by visiting
Pattern File

This is the part of the anti-virus program that recognizes viruses and alerts the program to take a 'cleaning' action. Because new viruses are being created all the time, the pattern needs to be regularly updated with new information. The companies that make anti-virus software usually update their pattern files at least once a week.

In order to keep your anti-virus program accurate, you must regularly (for example, once a week) update your "pattern" file. Most anti-virus programs have an automatic update function that will check the vendor's web site for updates and automatically download and install the changes you need. In order to use this function, you must buy a subscription from the vendor - this provides you with an access code. Subscriptions can be purchased over the phone or on the Internet. The fee is usually nominal compared to what it costs in time to restore a computer that has been damaged by a virus.

Anti-Virus Software

* Symantec: Norton Anti-Virus
* McAfee: VirusScan
* Trend: PC-Cillin
* Grisoft: AVG Anti-Virus (free)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

nova scotia wildfire video

nova scotia wildfire

lake echo minesville nova scotia wildfire

wildfire lake echo minesville nova scotia

PICTURES wildfire lake echo minesville nova scotia

wildfire lake echo minesville nova scotia

Halifax Lake Echo Fire Nova Scotia

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sustainable Energy Futures Casestudy Competition

Online Surveys | Zoomerang

As you may know, my solar energy project is SECOND PLACE in the Bordeaux Energy Colliquium's Annual Sustainable Energy Futures Casestudy Competition, an international competition for the most innovative renewable energy initiative.


If you haven't had a chance yet Vote at:

THANk YOU for voting for me, the prize is 5000$ and international press coverage, if i win and right now it's just a FEW VOTES AWAY