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Reuters QuickCut: Soda fountain Coke and menthos

How to Pour a Guinness

What If I Shot My TV?

How Email Works

How to Add RAM to a Laptop

How to Install RAM to a Desktop Computer

How Krispy Kreme Works

Robotic Conductor Finds His Rhythm

Gas Giveaway Clogs Las Vegas Roads

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Drugs are bad.

Drugs are bad.

A monkey is sitting in a tree smoking a joint when a lizard walks past and looks up and says to the monkey, "Hey! What are you doing?" The Monkey says "Smoking a joint, come up and have some" So the lizard climbs up the tree and sits next to the monkey and they have a few joints.

After a while, the lizard gets the pasties and goes down to the river for a drink of water.

The lizard is so stoned that he leans too far over and falls into the river. A crocodile sees this and swims over to the lizard and helps him to the side, then asks him "What's the matter with you?" The lizard explains to the crocodile that he was sitting smoking a joint with the monkey in the tree, got too stoned, and then fell into the river while taking a drink.

The crocodile decides that he has to check this out and walks into the jungle, finds the tree where the monkey is hauling on his bong and he looks up and says "HEY YOU"

The Monkey looks down and says "Fuuuuuuuuuck dude.... how much water did you drink?"

Butcher Hill Falls

Butcher Hill Falls

Continue east on 289 to Middle Stewiacke, and turn right to South Branch. Follow road through South Branch and turn right onto unpaved Higgins Mill Road. The falls are deep in the ravine on the right between the first and the second houses on that road. There is a steep trail (use extreme caution - ropes are an asset) located not far from the MTT signpost, roughly 300 feet before the house on right. The falls are on private property - keep this in mind! The falls consists of a spectacular 50 foot vertical drop into a pool which then flows over a rock slope.

Burnside Falls

Go on the 289 Eastwards to Upper Stewiacke, then left onto Pembroke Road (dirt road - marked by sign to "Burnside"). Follow road through Pembroke to Burnside, keeping right to Upper Burnside. Look for "Burnside Community Park" right before bridge. A steep stairway (not for those afraid of wooden rollercoasters) leads down into the ravine.

Directions to New France & Balancing Rock

To visit New France in the J.D. Irving Woodlands near Weymouth, Nova Scotia, take Exit 27 or Exit 28 off Highway 101. At the flashing amber light in Weymouth, take Route 340 south. Travel 7 km., then turn east on the Langford Road. Continue 5.5 km until Southville Corner. Take the gravel road (New France Road) for 11.25 km and turn north on Silver River Road to the settlement’s remains . It flourished from 1894 – 1910 on the banks of the Silver River between two lakes. Although the site has now returned to woods, it once was known as New France and sometimes as Electric City. The little community enjoyed electric lighting operated by the mill’s power long before electricity was available in the rest of Digby County. Lumber was transported to the port some 17 miles away by a private railway, using tracks with rails made of logs. Part if the steam locomotive can still be seen in the surrounding comunity. On the way to New France, on the Irving Roads, there's small handpainted signage pointing the way to Balancing Rock. I would not suggest attempting this trail unless you are an avid offroader, though most SUVs **CAN** do it. The signage continues though somewhat obscure and the Balancing Rock is nothing short of spectacular. Local lore tells of an indian maiden still seen today in her birch bark canoe in the mist of Langford Lake.

Old Annapolis Road

The Lore of the Old Annapolis Road, Abridged Posts

The History

Apparently, it was built by the British military in the late 1700’s to connect Shelburne and Rockingham with Annapolis Royal.

They wanted a way to move troops between the forts overland in case the French controlled the waters. Shelburne Nova Scotia was founded at the end of the American Revolution and colonized by British Empire Loyalists looking for a new home.

It was not long after this that in 1785 they began the construction of a road to Annapolis Royal, then a very important community. Although they had great expectations upon the completion of the road and lots were granted along its length, the road that was described as “little more than a rough track through the wilderness” never became the major artery that was hoped for. At its peak the road did have a halfway house and two taverns along its way but by 1814 it had become overgrown with trees and was abandoned.

As late as 1848 citizens of Shelburne tried to acquire grants to reopen the road but this never happened and the road became a part of history.

Going back in time…

If you feel like going back in time, several sections of the Old Annapolis Road can still be identified. However, only small sections of the road can be traveled. The majority of the remaining road is situated on woodlands owned by the Bowater Mersey Corporation, cleverly protected by a system of gates and roadblocks.

Part of the road is still used by hunters, fishermen and ATV users and is still know locally as the Old Annapolis Road in Shelburne, located between Trunk #3 & #203. Locals also call it Shelburne’s Road to Nowhere N 43° 48.379 W 065° 18.473. There is a pull off area on the 103(N43°47.369' W65°18.538'). The first part of the journey can be mucky at times as it is dug up by the frequent ATV use, near the end a chain has been placed to keep ATV’s out but hikers are welcomed.

A second section of the Old Annapolis Road can be accessed on trunk #208 between Rosette Road and Brookfield Mines Road N44°24.720' W64°56.571' however picturesque and easily identified by a road sign, this section is heavily gated.

The largest remaining portion of the Old Annapolis Road lies between Hammonds Plains and the # 14. Though cleverly disguised as “The Old Annapolis Trail”, the remainder of the road itself is protected by a gate located at N44°45.304' W63°55.944'. Access to the foot trail is public (shared-use) and a small parking area is provided. Turn right at the Sandy Lake (Bowater) turnoff (just past exit 5 on the 103), then keep left at all the forks in the road, staying to the west of Sandy Lake.

The Lure of the Lore

Some sections are used still but you would never recognize it, the Hammonds Plains Road to Pockwock is it and it starts again at Hwy 12 and continues to Annapolis Royal, some asphalt some dirt. Some of the names along this come from the military history, Hammond's Plains for example, he was a colonel, The Forties was named as such because the land was deeded to soldiers of the 40th regiment.

For a few lucky, it's said to be possible to get keys and head out to see an old plane crash site and a steel ship, not near any water! Both of these are buried back in the woods away from most person's reach. The plane has been stripped many years ago by the folks at CFB Greenwood. It had issues and was crashed there. There's also an old turn table from when trains were used for logging.

There is an abandoned church on this road in the wilderness between Hwy 10 and Annapolis Royal too. There are tons of old sites and goodies to look at around the area. The gold mines in Brookville, and a cable car out south near the wildcat reserve.

Footnote: There is little to no information available online on the topic of the Old Annapolis Road. The preceeding was a compilation of posts on various local 4WD and GPS websites. It is intended as a source of information only.

Remember – Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints.

Rectum Stretcher

While she was "flying" down the road yesterday (10 miles over the limit), a woman passed over a bridge only to find a cop with a radar gun on the other side lying in wait.

The cop pulled her over, walked up to the car, and with that classic patronizing smirk we all know and love, asked, "What's your hurry?"

To which she replied, "I'm late for work." "Oh yeah," said the cop, "what do you do?" "I'm a rectum stretcher," she responded.

The cop stammered, "A what? A rectum stretcher? And just what does a rectum stretcher do?" "Well," she said, "I start by inserting one finger, then work my way up to two fingers, then three, then four, then with my whole hand in. I work from side to! side until I can get both hands in, and then I slowly but surely stretch, until it's about 6 feet wide."

"And just what the hell do you do with a 6 foot asshole?" he asked.

"You give him a radar gun and park him behind a bridge..."

Traffic Ticket $95.00
Court Costs. $45.00
The Look on Cop's Face. PRICELESS

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Project Torque

Last Chaos

Last Chaos - Medieval Fantasy Online Game - Always Fun! Always Free!

100 Petites Histoires

100 Petites Histoires du Passé, pour conserver notre langue et notre culture acadienne, volume 3

Selected Excerpt -

Ch. 7 - Le feu de 1820

Zabeth : J’chai pas si c’est vrai mais i’ disont que pour des noces, si tu veux point qu’i’ mouille le jour des noces bin la veille, tu pendrilles ton chap’let su’ la ligne à hardes. Pour le gros feu de 1820, j’cartchule qu’il’ ariont mis leu’ chap’let en tcheuques parts autres pour d’mander d’la p’uie. 1820, çâ c’est moêllement louonne dans l’passé. On croirait pouonne que parsounne sa’rait rien qu’i’ s’a passé dans c’t’ânnée-là mais c’est point vrai. Le monde en parle encore, cent trente ans après.

Cazimir : Veux-tu dire le grand feu qu’avait quasiment toute brûlé Clare ?

Zabeth : Ouai, c’est huste çâ. Le grand feu qu’avait toute brûlé, du P’tit-Russeau aux Grosses-Coques. L’histoire nous a ‘té conté de bouche en bouche jusqu’à nous autres.

Cazimir : Le Pére Dagnaud et le Pére Sigogne aviont laissé d’l’informâtion itou dans des articles qu’il’ avont écrits su’ les Acadiens.

Zabeth : Bin sûr, en 1820, y avait point temps d’habitâtions qu’asteur. C’est supposé que dix-huit familles pardirent toute. Leu’ maison, leu’ grange, leu’ jardin, toute passit au feu. Toute était brûlé rac à tarre. Dix-huit maisons et vingt-trois granges. Tcheu désastre. Y a rinque trois maisons qu’échapirent au feu : c’teule-là à Frédéric Belliveau, c’teule-là à Anselme LeBlanc et ain autre dans l’ch’monne à Patrice Thibodeau.

Cazimir : I’ paraît que c’te hournée-là, le 12 de septembre 1820, i’ ventait ain vent à décorner les boeu’. Au coummencement, i’ pensiont pas qu’y avait du danger mais là, le vent changit d’bord pis ça brûlait enragé. C’était coumme ain ouragan. Le monde courait par la côte pour se sauver.

Zabeth : Y a ain Noir, ain infirme, qui voulait pas quitter sa cabane. Lui, i’ restait au ras l’église. Là, i’ dit yoùsqu’i’ voulait être mis. Ça fait qu’i’ l’changirent d’endroit, croyant qu’i’ s’rait hors de danger. Mais malheureusement, i’ parit dans l’feu.

Cazimir : S’lon l’Pére Sigogne, y a ain p’tit enfant qui pardit la vie dans son berceau itou. Çâ, c’était vraiment triste.

Zabeth : Frédéric Belliveau, lui, le monde l’app’lait Tikine. Bin lui, sa maison fut sauvée pis i’ disont qu’c’était ain mirâcle. Il’ aviont d’la foi, c’te monde-là.

Cazimir : Les flammes touchirent point à sa maison. Mais en partant, avec sa plusse jeune enfant dans les bras, il avait fait une croix su’ sa maison en disant : « À Dieu la maison, au feu le reste. »

Zabeth : C’était ain beau geste à farre pis il avait ‘té récompensé.

Cazimir : C’est drôle qu’y avait pas eu d’mirâcle pour sauver l’église et l’prebytare. Les deux bâtisses furent englouties dans les flammes coumme le restant.

Zabeth : C’t’église-là, ça faisait pas longtemps qu’alle avait ‘té bâtie, en 1806, j’crois. Les gens d’la Pointe aviont eu leu’ premiére messe dedans en 1808. Ça fait qu’alle était encore toute neuve, c’t’église-là.

Cazimir : Pauvre Pére Sigogne, il a’rait dû d’être découragé. Menoumme, il avait tout pardu, ciboires, patènes, câlisses, toute. Pis à part de çâ, il avait manqué parir lui-même. Pour ain bout d’temps, i’ pouvait pas s’sarvir de sa main drouette. J’crois bin qu’il asséyait de sauver çâ qu’i’ pouvait pis i’ pensait pas trop à lui-même.

Le diable et le cordonnier

Le diable et le cordonnier, Vie et légende de Cy à Mateur

Selected Excerpt -

Son apparence

Il est certain que l’apparence de Cy à Mateur a joué un rôle dans le développement de la légende. Il porte, pour le moins, un costume singulier. Par ailleurs, d’autres détails de son comportement, de son logement, de son histoire, ne peuvent manquer de renforcer l’idée qu’il est étrange. On peut en particulier faire la liste des éléments commençant par son apparence.

C’était d’abord un homme de petite stature, et qui n’était pas considéré beau. Jim Comeau nous dit: « J’me souvins d’Cy à Mateur. ‘tait ein p’tit houmme, point grou », et Eddie Comeau: « y ‘tait point beau ». On raconte qu’il portait souvent le même vêtement, une sorte de redingote appelée « un split » à la Baie Sainte-Marie, et du même chapeau melon à la mode « bowler », appelé « p-bound » dans la parlure locale.

L'arrivée des Robichaud en Acadie

L'arrivée des Robichaud en Acadie et L'historique de l'entreprise familale U.J. Robichaud et Fils Ltée

Selected Excerpt -

Deuxième partie
Chapitre 1- Jean-Pierre, le fondateur du moulin

Longeant les côtes pittoresques de la Baie Sainte-Marie, en Nouvelle-Écosse, se trouvent le village de Meteghan et celui du Centre-de-Meteghan. C’est dans ces villages qu’ont oeuvré les fameux Robichaud, ancêtres de tous les Robichaud de Clare.

Si l’année 1867 a été marquée par la création de notre pays, le Canada, cette même année a aussi vu la naissance d’une entreprise qui porte aU.J.ourd’hui le nom de U. J. Robichaud et Fils Ltée. Cette industrie de bois, de moulin et de charpente fut fondée par ce grand renommé, Jean-Pierre Robichaud. Celui-ci, né à Meteghan le 26 juin 1831, fils de François Robichaud et de Monique Melanson, ne faisait que continuer le travail que ses ancêtres avaient fait en tant que fondateurs du village de Meteghan en 1785.

En 1867, Jean-Pierre (John P. Robicheau) avait déjà établi sa ferme et son moulin à scier du côté du bois au Centre-de-Meteghan. Le Lowell’s Canadian Dominion Directory de 1871 le place tout de même, avec biens d’autres, comme un fermier.[1] Au Régistre de Ventes à Weymouth, j’ai trouvé les copies qui nous indiquent que Jean-Pierre avait acheté sa terre et sa maison en 1855 d’un monsieur Gabriel Melanson. Comme vous pouvez le constater sur la carte ci-incluse, les terres appartenant à Jean-Pierre s’enlignaient avec celles de Rosalie Muff, soeur de Gabriel Melanson.

The Robichauds in Acadia

The Robichauds in Acadia and The Historical Account of the Family Business U.J. Robichaud & Son, Ltd.

Selected Excerpt -

Louis Robichaud
The First Generation

First, it is important to place the Robichaud family in a historical context following their arrival in Acadia in the 1600s. Second, I will describe the activities surrounding the small industrial empire founded by the Robichauds in Clare. This included business transactions, forestry, a mill operation, store management and administration, the purchase and sale of real estate, merchandise exhibitions, restaurant and hotel direction, as well as negotiation with different levels of government. Nevertheless, I can’t begin this work without underlining the fact that Louis Robichaud is considered to be the forefather of the Robichaud family, despite the fact that many historians disagree on the details regarding his birth, his family, his marriage, and his arrival in Acadia.

In 1632, the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye gave Nova Scotia to France. The new Governor of Acadia, Isaac de Razilly, resolved, along with his associates Charles d’Aulnay and Nicolas Denys, to bring colonists to populate this new land. From 1632, de Razilly brought many immigrants to New France and, according to Bona Arsenault, these groups were comprised only of men.

Charles d’Aulnay, a colonist from Poitou, France, succeeded de Razilly as Governor. Most of the families coming to the new colony arrived later, in the company of d’Aulnay. Charles de Menou d’Aulnay was governor from 1636 to 1650.

Before arriving in Acadia, the Robichauds were sharecroppers at the Chateau Bonnetière in Loudun. It was here, at Notre-Dame Church of La Chaussée, that Charles d’Aulnay recruited those who would cross the Atlantic to New France. Besides the Robichauds, these included the Belliveaus, the Bourgs, the Braults, and the Landrys.

"Second- Hand" coffin?

When is the last time you saw a "Second- Hand" coffin?

Pictured here is fourth generation Camille Robichaud with the coffin built for the wife of first generation Jean-Pierre Robichaud.

The legend is this:

In 1912, Jean-Pierre Robichaud's wife fell into a coma, a situation not too uncommon at the time as there was no remedy for illnesses such as diabetes. Not sure if she was alive or dead, the family kept her in the larder (cold room) for eighteen days. Doctor MacDonald was refused admittance because he was a protestant and this was a catholic household. After 18 days, the local parish priest declared her dead and she was placed in this coffin. The family was called to arrange a funeral.

One of the sons, upon returning home for the funeral was unhappy to see his mother in a plain wooden box. He purchased another one, rumor has it, lined in silk, and the body was buried in the new coffin.

And that's how the last coffin ever built by U.J. Robichaud, for none other than Margerite Robichaud remains within our possession.

The Flour Mill

Saint Mary's Bay Flour Mill

"I suffer greatly when I think that we must leave our country in order to make enough money and support our grandchildren. It is my most ardent wish to stay in my homeland that is so poor at present. As for me, I will do everything in my power to assure my capability to stay in this land that I love"
- Élisée Robichaud, 1913, in discussing the floor mill and why it was important to his community.

The Saint Mary's Bay Flour Mill was founded in 1912 as a Cooperative. To as many as 383 people and organizations of the local area, the Floor Mill was meant to create local employment and to allow the farmers an avenue to mill their wheat.

The newspaper L'Évangéline of 1913 had this to say, "The treshing of the grain has begun; barley, oats and buckwheat, each in turn. They are expecting a good crop of winter wheat. Monsieur Élisée Comeau (a typo, as this meant to say Élisée Robichaud) will soon have the mill up and running."

In the Clare Municipal minutes of 1916, a proposition was made and seconded that Élisée's mill be exempted from paying municipal taxes of $1.78 for the current year (Source : Minutes from the Clare Council 1916, page 15). This demonstrated that the mill made little profit, whereas it was an important source of employment for the village and surrounding areas.

The flour mill functioned until 1929, when it was forced to close. The mill had been producing a whole grain type of flour, which was brownish in color. Newer bleached, whiter flour was being introduced in the market, and consumer tastes were changing towards the newer, cleaner looking product. In hindsight, we know now that the health benefits would have favored the flour from the mill.

Unfortunately, although the flour mill was very much in our recent history, most of the stories associated with it have already been lost to the effects of time. Only recently have some been rediscovered with the discovery of the original ledger used by the coop in 1912, and some original invoice copies pertaining to the purchase of the equipment. Very little exists from the 1920's or 1930's.

Today, you can still view all the original equipment used in the flour mill. Our ancestors were meticulous in preserving each piece and each machine that once ran. And on many, you can still see the original paint logos, as good as the day they were painted on, in 1912.

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Snowball Fight snowghettiandmeatball - Add 10 extra snowballs. One time cheat.

Snowmuncher buuuurrrrrrrrp - Get 50% health. One time cheat.
dieter - Your score will be multiplied by 100, but this will not effect your submitted score.

Sophie's Stew hungrymeowclops - Add an extra life. One time cheat.

Spell or Starve channyhungry - Add 30 extra seconds. One time cheat.

Stowaway Sting scrap - Gain full health. :) One time cheat.

Sutek's Tomb plzsutekcanihavemoretime - Add 3 extra seconds. One time cheat.
pyramibread - Get a hint on an avaliable combination. Use an unlimited amount of times.

The Buzzer Game salamander - Use while the timer is ticking to advance a level. Use an unlimited amount of times.

The Castle of Eliv Thade rehaxtint - Get an extra hint. One time cheat.

The Great Qasalan Caper caperiffic - Get extra time bonus. One time cheat.

The Return of the Return of Dr Sloth drfranksloth - Add an extra life. One time cheat.

The Last Smiley :) - Adds you a first-person view. Type to undo.
0:-) - Advance a level. One time cheat.
*catfish* - Add an extra life. One time cheat.

The Usul Suspects lumiwatergun - Add an extra life. One time cheat.

Tyrannian Mini Golf When choosing a character, you can play as Oliver from The Neopets Team by pressing the "tab" key four times and then by pressing 'enter'.

Tug-O-War f - Blood will squirt over the game screen, with white text saying "Oh Yeah!". A voice will also shout, "Fatality!" once per level. Works on level 2 and higher.
lrlrss - Play as Horak. Type after selecting.
lrslsts - Play as Thiebos. Type after selecting.
sltltsr - Play as Khadir. Type after selecting.
sslrtrl - Play as Ramset. Type after selecting.

Ultimate Bullseye catapult - Free powerup. One time cheat.

Volcano Run II glubgar - Add an extra life. One time cheat.

Wharf Rescue Team trappedkadoaties - Add an extra life. One time cheat.

Whack-a-Staff-Member a5paragu5 - Get a bigger mallet. One time cheat.

Wicked Wocky Wobble wocky - If you have at least four items stacked, a Buzz will drop and freeze your stack for a few seconds (if he lands on your stack). Use and unlimited amount of times.

Zurroball Click the N on the spinning Grundo's suit to get a hidden ball.

Neopets Cures

Diseases - Cures

Achy head Magic Goop
Bloaty Belly Flat-u-less Tabs
Blurred vision Wear extra thick goggles
Crick neck Wear neck brace
Hoochie coochies Vitamin pills
Itchy Scratchies Itchy scratchy Cream
Grumbles Grumble-gone tabs
Lumps Mud bath
Neogitus Medicinal tooth brush
Sneezles A magic cookie
Shaky Flakys Shaky Flaky cream

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Neopets daily free stuff!

Free Jelly


Wheel of Slime

Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of mediocrity


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Meteor crash site

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A Great tool for translating websites into other languages

Contes d'Acadie - Volume Un

Marie-Colombe Robichaud conte le fable de l'oeuf d'oré de la poule de son oncle Siffroit.

Festival Laissez-Les Dire, Fontaine-le-compte, France

Avril 2007
Category: People & Blogs
acadie acadian acadien storytelling contes traditions nova scotia piquine marie-colombe robichaud

Marie-Colombe Robichaud conte l'histoire des voleurs infortunés.

Marie-Colombe Robichaud conte l'histoire des voleurs infortunés.


Avril 2007
Category: People & Blogs
acadie acadian acadien storytelling contes traditions nova scotia piquine marie-colombe robichaud

Contes d'Acadie Volume Trois - Clara Dugas

Clara Dugas raconte sa grand-mère - extrait du conte présenté au Festival Laissez-les dire, Poitiers, France, 2007.
Category: People & Blogs
acadie acadian nova scotia piquine clara dugas storyteller

Contes d'Acadie - Volume 5 - Le beurre du curé

Marie-Colombe Robichaud partage le conte rigolant du beurre du curé.

Extrait du conte présenté lors d'une après-midi de conte à Poitiers, France, Avril 2007.
Category: People & Blogs
acadie acadian acadien conte stroytelling nova scotia piquine cheticamp

More Innovative GPS uses

Added: February 19, 2008
A Community Access Site (C@P) Site operator from Cole Harbour Nova Scotia explains how they use GPS technology in a community computer lab.

GPS Uses in Public Access

Added: February 19, 2008
Barbara Allen of the Terence Bay, Nova Scotia Community Access (C@P) Site explains how innovative uses of GPS technology are being implemented in their community computer lab.

Solar Furnace Do It Yourself - With Sound

thanks! it's only a humble device, but IT WORKS.

Even on cold days with temps in the -15 centigrade range, under intermittant to full sunlight (about four hours a day), it produces a constant stream of warm air (25 degrees centigrade, or higher).

DIY Solar Furnace

Interested in learning more about soda can furnaces or beer can furnaces?

All I did to get the plans for my project was quick search on the internet.

A Rant about the MySpace Suicide

I originally wrote this rant as a message to the Public Access Providers of Halifax County, one of the programs I manage.

I’ve used an internal mailing list to keep everyone abreast of the developments in what has become known as the *MySpace Suicide*.

What’s the point of all this? We are part of the big machine that is supposed to teach humanity how to use science and technology ethically, right? But to many’s chagrin there is simply no ‘golden nugget’ or no simple answer. In this case, the foe is cyberbullying, in extremis, but the source is unexpected.

The fact that the police have now charged the 49yo mother in this case clearly demonstrate that the younger generation approach ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) much more ethically than their parental generation. In this case it’s the mother who misrepresented herself as a minor (boy, 16yo), and instructed her own teenaged daughter and her friends to “shut up”. The result is tragic, and the mother now faces 20 years of imprisonment.

"Any adult who uses the Internet or a social gathering Web site to bully or harass another person … needs to realize that their actions can have serious consequences,"

The case of the MySpace Suicide is a gruesome event that anyone working in ICT, particularly at the community level, should be familiar with. I’ve attached last Thursday’s Yahoo News bulletin about the latest developments.

This is not intended to be fuel for the proponents of censorship: That would be a very myopic and sheltered vision. As public access providers our primary role is to provide unencumbered access to the World Wide Web, our secondary role is to continue to be seen worldwide as leaders in the free circulation of information. If there is a moral to the story it is that there are far greater injustices that have to be addressed on a much more grass roots level in order to evolve into and towards the ethical use of. When will our policy and decision makers realize that more streetlamps and condemnation are not the way to move forward?

We need to light the beacon of values and morals and that is only achieved with increases culture and arts funding. It is the fundamental basis of Victor Hugo’s 1848 speech to the Assemblée Nationale. Hugo voted against reforms in the French budget that proposed negligible cuts to arts and culture but strong investment in policing and, in particular, streetlamps.

"We provide street lamps for our cities, light them every night, and this is very well, street lamps on every corner, in every public place; but when will we understand that we cannot lift a dark soul without first brightly lighting our spirits?"

Hugo was arguing that there is always money for additional street lamps, but only ever economies for arts and letters. His argument was that if you'd only nourish the morals first, then you don't need more street lamps. Hugo was ostracized from the national assembly for taking a stand in human values and the greater good, rather than supporting the very myopic and short-term view of the current rule.

His vision is repeated today, and today, our MLAs and MPs that stand up and speak up for increased arts and culture funding continue to be ostracized. We see it annually with our own program, where each year we have to fight to justify a small pittance – despite our reach being so great it becomes immeasurable, even incontestable. A strong C@P Program, with resources abound, would go a long way in educating, shaping, and instilling ethical values in adults and children alike.

A strong program like ours could help prevent the next MySpace Suicide.