Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Outer Band Pensacola, FL.

Bayou Lafourche before Isaac

Hurricane Isaac Update # 9 - Rain Everywhere!

Hurricane Isaac Live Bourbon Street 9:35pm

Hurricane Isaac spun into the southern Louisiana coast late Tuesday, sending floodwaters surging and unleashing fierce winds, as residents hunkered down behind boarded-up windows. New Orleans calmly waited out another storm on the eve of Hurricane Katrina's seventh anniversary, hoping the city's strengthened levees will hold.

Power Out-Hurricane Isaac 8/28/12 9:00PM

Hurricane Isaac Storm Surge in Gulf Shores, Alabama

MCLB Albany confirms marine evacuees coming to town


Hurricane Isaac rips roof off Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungess...

Hurricane Isaac hits Louisiana

Watch: Isaac Makes Landfall

Hurricane Isaac nears New Orleans

Isaac now a hurricane Isaac Comes Ashore in Southeastern. Part 3 Of Man...

LDCC Fall 2012 Hurricane Isaac Announcement

Hurricane Isaac Bourbon Street Live Video 9:10pm 8/28

Isaac outskirts of New Orleans


Declaratoria de emergencia en Nueva Orleans por Isaac

Isaac Churning Off Destin Beach Florida August 28, 2012

Raw Video: Ala. Beach Close to Isaac Landfall

President Obama issues warning ahead of Hurricane Isaac landfall

Paso de la Tormenta Isaac por la bahía de Tampa

Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall

Hurricane Isaac to copy same path as Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Isaac approaches New Orleans as a category one hurricane

Weather going downhill fast in New Orleans

Hurricane Isaac makes landfall in Louisiana

Hurricane Isaac has made landfall in southeast Louisiana with winds near...

Isaac Press conference final piece

Tormenta Isaac ahora Trayectoria Huracán Isaac Categoría 1Rumbo a Nueva...

Tropical Storm Isaac declared Hurricane! Moves Toward New Orleans

Isaac Threatens Louisiana

Isaac Is Now a Cat. 1 Hurricane

Once Noticias- Evacuan EU por Isaac

Hurricane Hunters Flying Over Isaac

Major Flooding Threat From Isaac

Live: Isaac In Mississippi

Is Isaac a Drought Buster?

Live: Isaac In New Orleans

Isaac vs. Katrina

Estados Unidos Tempestade Tropical Ganha Força E Se Torna Furacão

Science Behind New Orleans Levees

Red Cross Responds to Isaac in Louisiana

Hurricane Isaac Closes Navarre Beach

hurricane Isaac taking aim in 2012


Terror in the Gulf: FEMA put to the test 7 years to the day after Katrina.

Inside Hurricane Isaac, Raw Footage in the Eye

Brut: l'ouragan Isaac pèse sur les cours

Cat.1 Hurricane Isaac Update 8-25-2012.

President Barack Obama warns residents to take Isaac threat seriously, n...

hurricane isaac news

Tropical Storm Isaac from the levee in Kenner, Louisiana

Inundaciones en San Juan por la Tormenta Isaac @t Roberto Cavada (By FDB)

Sobe para 19 número de mortos no Haiti pela passagem da tempestade Isaac.

TS/Hurricane Isaac - Red Cross update

Hurricane Isaac to Hit New Orleans, Death Toll In Haiti Rises To 10, USA

Decretan estado de emergencia en Misisipi, Alabama y Luisiana por paso d...

OBI Teams Positioned in Hattiesburg, MS To Respond to Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac Louisiana emergency declared

Se estiman en un 80% las pérdidas en la agricultura del sur del país

FPL - Restoring power in Delray after Isaac

Vitter Discusses Isaac on CNN

(Noticia) Inicio De La Tormenta Isaac C/ Los Maestros Uvilla

Hurricane Isaac flood driving - with children.

Isaac Churns Towards Gulf States

Hurricane Isaac Update 08/28/12

Más de 29 mil 800 desplazados por tormenta Isaac

Hurricane Isaac Path, Updates & How To Prepare! (TALK OF THE WEEK)

Isaac, ABD'nin güney kıyılarını vurdu

Tropical Storm Isaac Impacts Michigan Gas Prices

Louisiana, psicosi Katrina: in migliaia in fuga

Republican convention: Storm Isaac threatens Romney's big moment

Today's Zaman - Gulf coast awaits Isaac to make landfall


Monday, August 27, 2012

La tormenta tropical Isaac dejó nueve muertos en Haití y se acerca a Flo...

Tropical Storm Isaac Moves Up Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Isaac Heading Towards New Orleans Compared To Hurricane Katrina

August 27th- *** THREAT TO LIFE/PROPERTY from Isaac ***

La tormenta tropical Isaac sigue avanzando

Isaac Moves Toward New Orleans Seven Years After Katrina

Tropical Storm Isaac Could Overshadow Republican National Convention

Ready or not, here Isaac comes

Hurricane Isaac arrives in Port St Lucie

After SEVEN years of Hurricane Katrina: New storm Isaac and new Politicians


Isaac amenaza con aguarle la fiesta a Mitt Romney

Tempestade Isaac aproxima-se da Louisiana sete anos após Katrina

Storm Isaac sweeps through Haiti

Tropical Storm Isaac batters the Florida Keys

Tropical storm Isaac lashes Florida

Tropical Storm Isaac Lashes Florida Keys

Storm Isaac heads for US Gulf Coast, hurricane warning issued -- Today's...

New Orleans Hurricane Isaac !!

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by
Tropical Storm Isaac barely stirred Florida Keys residents from their fabled nonchalance Sunday, while the Gulf Coast braced for the possibility that the sprawling storm will strengthen into a dangerous hurricane by the time it makes landfall there.

It was on course to strike land on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a powerful storm that crippled New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and became a symbol of government ineptitude. Forecasters expected Isaac to pass the Keys late Sunday before turning northwest and striking Wednesday as a Category 2 hurricane somewhere between New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle.

The National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane warning for a large swath of the northern Gulf Coast from east of Morgan City, La. - which includes the New Orleans area - to Destin, Fla. A Category 2 hurricane has sustained winds of between 96 and 110 mph.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called a state of emergency, and officials in St. Charles Parish near New Orleans told its 53,000 residents to leave ahead of the storm. Jindal also said he may skip a speaking engagement later this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa unless the threat to his state subsides. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley also has canceled his trip to the convention.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said at a news conference Sunday evening that only minor damage was reported from Isaac.

An emergency declaration also was issued in Mississippi by Gov. Phil Bryant amid concerns of storm surge threatening low-lying areas. Oil companies began evacuating workers from offshore oil rigs and cutting production in advance of Isaac.

More than 550 flights canceled at Miami International Airport, as well as about 150 from Fort Lauderdale's airport.


New Orleans State of Emergency - Hurricane Isaac !!

NOAA discusses Isaac's impact on Florida

Hurrikan Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac in HD

HURRICANE WARNINGS Issued for Gulf COAST Tropical Storm Isaac! [EXTREME ...

Florida's southwest coast fairs well as Isaac moves on

Effetti della tempesta Isaac su Haiti

Alabama braces for tropical storm's impact

mujer clavando el sin despues de la tormenta isaac (parte 2).3gp

Tropical Storm Isaac Path

Los muertos en Haití por el paso de la tormenta Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Shifts Toward New Orleans, Could Become Hurr...

Aug 27 - Isaac headed for New Orleans, Typhoon Bolaven path, Typhoon Tem...

Preparing For Issac in Alabama


Sunday, August 26, 2012

En Sabana Perdidas se quejan por las inundaciones

En La Barquita están temerosos por pronósticos de lluvia

Aug 26 - Isaac path getting dangerously close to a direct New Orleans la...

Tropical Storm Isaac Hits Florida

201Tropical Storm Isaac Hollywood Beach, Florida. #isaac

Tormenta Isaac incomunica más de 30 comunidades de Azua

Tormenta Isaac Bahoruco, Barahona

Tormenta Isaac afecta a Baní

Hurricane Isaac 2012 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rio Yuna Subiendo Tras El Paso de La Tormenta Isaac

Inundaciones en provincia Santo Domingo por tormenta Isaac

All Eyes On Isaac (August 26th, 2012 @ 5:00pm)

Tropical Storm Isaac at Boynton lnlet, Florida 26 August 2012

Isaac Brings Severe And Flooding Threat (August 26th, 2012)

Hurricane warning issued as Isaac hits Florida

The Weather Network Weather News TS ISAAC COVERAGE

Isaac avanza por el sur de La Florida

8/26/12 Fires and Earthquakes as Hurricane Isaac Enters the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Isaac Update 8-26-12


Hurricane Isaac Deerfield Beach pt 4

Tropical Storm Isaac-Miami, Fl 4:45pm 8/26/12

ISAAC Has moved more To the West

Mayor Landrieu, City officials provide update on storm preparations

Tropical Storm Isaac TWC Coverage Part 17 (8/26/12)

'Isaac' verwüstet Zeltstädte in Haiti

Après Haïti, la tempête Isaac se rapproche de la Floride

La tempête Isaac en route vers la Floride

Parque Libertad de Ocoa despues de la tormenta isaac

Pensacola Beach prepares for Isaac

Instituto de Meteorologia: Tormenta Tropical Isaac

Guantánamo: Provoca tormenta Isaac derrumbes de viviendas

CITIZEN VIDEO: Tropical Storm Isaac

Hurricane Isaac Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans - Are You Prepared?


Tropic Storm Isaac in North Miami Beach

UPDATE!! Tropical Storm Issac Around the Clock Coverage

Getting Ready for Isaac. VEDA Day #26

Hurricane Isaac Deerfield Beach, FL Aug 26

TS Isaac lte pummeling

Cuba: Efectos de la tormenta Isaac en Holguín.

Isaac could hit New Orleans

"Isaac" podría convertirse en huracán mientras se dirige a Florida

tropical storm Isaac

Isaac Not Yet at Hurricane Strength

Isaac storm surge could put $36 billion worth of homes at risk

Beach Coverage of Isaac - Ormond Beach FL 1 PM

CITIZEN VIDEO: Tropical Storm Isaac squall line South Florida

Tropical Storm Isaac

Governor Scott's Sunday News Briefing 8/26/12

Tormenta Tropical Isaac en Miami Beach (Fl)

La tormenta tropical Isaac en Miami Beach

Isaac Afternoon Update Aug. 26th., 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Live Port Everglades Ft. Lauderdale jetski

Tropical Storm Isaac

Miami weather - 8/26/2012 at 2:50 PM

coletazo de "isaac" en cienaga parte 4

Parts of Lee County, Florida. under evacuation orders. Tropical Storm Is...

Hurricane Isaac in Miami.mp4

Hurricane Isaac Deerfield Beach Aug. 26 1 pm

Isaacs outter bands pulling the water out to sea from the South Jetty

Tropical storm Isaac boats evacuating back bay biloxi through popps ferr...

Isaac Squall

Live: Hurricane Isaac Porch Camera


hurricane isaac news

Tropical Storm Isaac Sunday 1:30PM Islamorada (UPPER KEYS REPORT)

Tropical Storm Isaac - The Latest Details

TS Isaac Sunday August 26 3:10 pm

Tropical Storm Isaac Squall Line

Tropical Storm Warning for South Florida (8-26-12)

Red Cross urges preparedness in advance of Key West Isaac landfall

Isaac is coming......

Furacão Irene - Hurricane irene in the US

Furacão na Florida "Huricane em Miami"

BBC Weather forecast for typhoon Bolaven,Tembin and Isaac 26/08/12

In-Depth Look At Tropical Storm Isaac

Isaac Named; Expected to be a Hurricane by Thursday

Tropical Storm Isaac Forecast To Become A Hurricane In US

Storm Isaac @ South Miami Beach Part I

Tropical Storm Isaac 02

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