Friday, February 5, 2010

Build your own Solar Furnace

Photoblog of this project

This solar energy project received second place in the 2007 Bordeaux Energy Colloquium's Annual Sustainable Energy Futures Casestudy Competition, an international competition for the most innovative renewable energy initiative.

The project exceeded proof of concept.

The furnace helped heat a 250sq ft room and did so quite well even in intermittent sunlight. It does not replace conventional home heating. While the results were impressive, I have chosen to wait another year before rebuilding it.


Although I appreciate the email messages, I cannot respond to all, and generally do not respond to questions about building techniques or materials (that's what these photos are for). If you like my project, go out and build your own. If everyone did, we'd actually make a difference. This isn't rocket science and I am no expert. I can not answer technical questions.

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