Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eyewitness Video! Occupy London Eviction Feb 28 2012

Moment of building collapse caught on camera after gas blast

An entire section of a high-rise block of apartments has collapsed in the Russian southern city of Astrakhan, following an explosion. Eleven people remain missing, while seven people with injures have been rescued from the rubble.

No Tav: la salita sul traliccio e la caduta di Luca Abbà

взрыв 9-ти этажного дома в астрахани 2

Обрушение дома в Астрахани

Débat sur la hausse à Tout le monde en parle

Взрыв и обрушение дома в Астрахани

Взрыв дома в Астрахани. Момент обрушения

Monday, February 27, 2012

Burlington VIA-Train Derailment 2/26/2012

Burlington VIA-RAIL derailment Pt II

Burlington. Ontario. Canadian Train Derails - Descarrila un tren en Canadá

CNNA Coverage of the Via Rail Crash

CNNA's Chief News Anchor, and Senior Editor Narrates the Via Rail crash of 2012 in Burlington, Ontario.

多倫多一火車顛覆出軌 3死46傷.

多倫多一火車顛覆出軌 3死46傷.

加拿大Via Rail鐵路公司旗下一列由著名旅遊景點尼亞加拉大漫布駛往多倫多的客運列車,星期日在多倫多西郊失事出軌,初步知道最少有3名車務員喪生,46名乘客受傷。這是當地近年

­發生的最嚴重火車災難,暫時未知道死傷者當中是否有華人或其他外國遊客。  肇事列車於當地時間星期日下午3時半左右,在安大略省伯靈頓鎮(Burlington)附近出軌。當時,火車頭拖著6個車廂行駛,當駛到Aldershot站附近一個住宅­區時,火車頭不知何故出軌及撞向路軌旁一座小型建築物。  目擊者說,後面6個車廂全部出軌,掛在火車頭後面的頭兩節車廂被撞至變形,兩個車廂呈L形,亦有火車輪部件脫落,可見當時的衝力相當猛烈。

Descarrila un tren en Canadá causando varios muertos y heridos

VIA Train Derailment Burlington Ontario

Latest - Train derailed - Burlington Ontario Canada February 26, 2012

UPDATE - 45 people injured, 3 people badly injured and 3 Engineers Burli...

RARE DETOUR VIA 88 & 78 onto Guelph Sub Part 1

Burlington Via Rail train derailment kills three, injures dozens

Two locomotive engineers and a trainee are dead, and three passengers seriously injured, after a six-car Via Rail passenger train came off the rails on a straight track in good weather Sunday afternoon near Burlington, Ont.

Via Rail Derailment: Passengers describe chaos, terror in deadly Burling...

Canadian Train Derails - 3 dead

Canadian Train Derails. The mayor of Burlington, Ontario says three people are dead after a Canadian Via Rail passenger train derailed in his town.

Mayor Rick Goldring says emergency crews are working to pull other passengers from the wreckage and at least one air ambulance is on standby.

Via Rail spokeswoman Michelle Lamarche said 75 people were on board the train traveling from Niagara Falls to Toronto, when it derailed Sunday afternoon near Aldershot station.

Via Rail says the three people killed were all employees of the railroad who were riding in the locomotive.

Latest - Train derailed - Burlington Ontario Canada February 26, 2012

UPDATE - 45 people injured, 3 people badly injured and 3 Engineers Burli...

VIA Rail says three people killed in a passenger train derailment in Burlington on Sunday afternoon were employees riding in the locomotive. Dozens of passengers were injured after the eastbound train derailed around 3:30 p.m. Emergency crews worked frantically to free about 60 trapped passengers from the wreckage. One of the derailed train cars appears to have crashed into a small building near the train tracks and came to a rest on its side. The other two derailed cars formed a V-shape across the train tracks, but remained upright. At least two patients were transported to Hamilton General Hospital. The hospital has declared code orange, which signals an external disaster. Air ambulances have rushed some other injured passengers to hospitals in London and Toronto. Dozens of land ambulances also converged on the scene. Toronto EMS has sent a crew of paramedics to Burlington on a bus. Staff Sgt. Roger Wilkie of Halton Regional Police told CTV News Channel the eastbound train from the Niagara region was headed to Toronto when the derailment occurred around 3:30 p.m. near Plains and King roads in Burlington. Burlington is about 60 kilometres west of Toronto. The derailment occurred in an industrial area, but there are residential homes and businesses nearby. The train was carrying 75 passengers and four crew members, Wilkie said. It was not immediately clear what caused the derailment. It was dry and sunny in the area at the time. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is sending a team of investigators to Burlington to pinpoint the cause of the disaster. The derailment is affecting GO Train service on the Lakeshore West line. GO is advising passengers that buses will operate between Burlington and Aldershot stations. The derailment is blocking train tracks east of Aldershot.

Via Rail Derailment Burlington

VIA Derailment in Burlington, Feb. 26 2012. Ornge helicopter airlifting ...

Ornge helicopter airlifting an injured passenger from the VIA derailment in Burlington Feb 26, 2012 This is taken from my mother's back yard on the rail side of the sound barrier. The helicopters are 100 ft. away, and the derailment is about 1000 ft. down the track. For a short time nearby highway 403 was closed to allow air ambulances to land, however this vacant lot sufficed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

نداء إستغاثة من الصحفيين المحاصرين مع أهالي الحي

Agresión policial en la manifestación Instituto Lluis Vives, Valencia 20...

نزول مشجع سوري على ارض الملعب يرفع علم الاستقلال.

Настоящий Путин

Последние двенадцать лет принято называть временем стабильности. Все это время у власти в нашей стране находится Владимир Путин. Какой ценой дается нам эта стабильность? Или может быть это миф?
Беспристрастная наука статистика свидетельствует о том, что не все так хорошо в России, как это хочет представить государственное телевидение. Растет смертность. Социальное неравенство приобретает фантастические формы. От вседозволенности силовиков стонут и простые рабочие и их начальники -- бизнесмены. Коррупция как раковая опухоль пожирает Россию.

Митинг 23 февраля. Лужники.

Henri Castelli e Monique competindo


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surrogate Solution: Indian women sell wombs for survival

The double-hit of infertililty and recession is forcing some wannabe parents to get creative. In the U.S. it costs as much as 100,000 dollars to use a surrogate mother to start a family. But get on a plane, and it could be much cheaper. RT's Priya Sridhar met one such couple.

AZ Sheriff Says He's Gay After Misconduct Claims

A nationally known sheriff resigned from presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's Arizona committee and acknowledged he was gay amid allegations of misconduct made by a man with whom he previously had a relationship. (Feb. 19)

Syria Damascus, Al Maza - Funeral Turned Into a Protest

A huge demonstration took to the streets of Damascus in feb 2012. at lest 21 people have lost their life. the demonstration was held close to the Presidential Palace.
"It was a huge funeral that turned into a protest," said the activist
The protesters took the Syrian government and the World by surprise as no one saw it coming.
On Saturday, the Syrian opposition said that more than 2,500 Syrian soldiers have defected, making the number the largest.

دمشق المزة مشهد مهيب في التشييع 18-2-2012

19 2 Dariya Damascus أوغاريت داريا ريف دمشق , مظاهرة طلابية الاحد عصيان...

Chinese mission fails to stop Syrian bloodshed

http://www.euronews.net/ A Chinese diplomatic drive to end the bloodshed in Syria seems to have had little impact so far.
Opposition activists say the army opened fire to break up a protest in Damascus, killing at least one person. It happened after the funerals of three youths killed in a demonstration yesteday.

The shooting came as a Chinese envoy met with Bashar al Assad elsewhere in the capital. Zhai Jun, who was also expected to meet opponents of the president has called on both sides to stop the violence.

歌神唱衰唐唐 勸退選

Friday, February 17, 2012

Son to 98-year-old Mom: Get Out http://vanillabluescafe.blogspot.com/

A family feud in Connecticut has two brothers tussling over their 98-year-old mom, Mary Kantorowski of Fairfield. One son sent an eviction notice to mom on her birthday. (Feb. 17)

مقاييس ومعايير الجمال عند المغاربة

United Nations Condemns Syria

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding resolution that further isolates Syria and its backers, while calling on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside. The resolution "fully supports" an Arab League plan for Mr. Assad to relinquish power to a vice president while a national unity government is formed, leading to a general election. Damascus has already rejected the plan.

http://vanillabluescafe.blogspot.com/ Deraa targeted as Syria crackdown intensifies

As violence in Syria intensifies the conflict there is looking increasingly like a civil war. Among the latest videos to emerge from the country are images apparently showing rebels firing on government forces in Homs.

In recent weeks the army has stepped up its campaign against the opposition, reportedly shelling urban areas held by the insurgents.

The UN says almost 5,500 people have been killed in the year-long uprising. It is not clear how many have died in this latest upsurge.

http://vanillabluescafe.blogspot.com/ Heaviest pounding of Homs in 14 days

بابا عمرو قصف الحي لليوم الـ14 واستهداف للمدارس 17 2 2012

Girl falls texting on live news

Multi-vehicle collision at Frood and College - Sudbury News

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fethullah Hoca Tayyip Erdoğan'a ateş püskürdü http://vanillabluescafe.blogspot.com/

MİT Müstaşarı Hakan Fidan'ın şüpheli sıfatırla ifadeye çağırıldığı gece Fethullah Gülen'in doğrudan Başbakan Erdoğan'a mesajlar verdiği bir konuşması hekül. org adlı internet sitesinden yayınlandı. Gülen, Erdoğan'ın adını geçirmeden çok ağır mesajlar verdi. İşte MİT operasyonun düğmesine basıldığı gün Fethullah Gülen'in yayınlanan görntüleri.

Interrogatorio a dos integrantes de Los Zetas

عملية سحق كاميرة المراقبة بدوّار أبوصيبع 12-02-2012م

االحشود الهائله متوجهون الي دوار الشهداء كوبري القدم

#CBC #News #Toronto at 5: Monday, February 13, 2012

She set the bar in music, but left on a tragic note. Most of us have shared a special moment with Whitney's music. Get the very latest on her death, and the path she paved for local musicians. Plus- A GTA drug bust that could prevent almost 5 million date rapes. It's the "cocktail" women fear, and also used as cheap high. See how this massive seizure has taken a dangerous substance off the streets.

最奇:變性人懷孕 阿爸係女人



Citizen video - #athens #riots 2012

Citizen Video - Fires, occupations of public buildings are still taking ...

سيدة فولاذية مذهلة تهتف من البلكونة مع مسيرة الدفاع!

كنا ماشيين في شارع مصر و السودان - الست دي شافتنا من البلكونة و قادت الهتاف بطاقة مذهلة


Costa #Concordia, caos in plancia e nave a picco - I minuti fatali in un ...

Confusione, ritardi. Si muovono tutti con grande calma, distaccati e per nulla allarmati dallo schianto contro lo scoglio. Arriva il filmato sconvolgente che riprende ciò che accade nella plancia della nave nei momenti successivi all'incidente. E' presente anche il comandante Francesco Schettino che al primo allarme risponde "vabbuò".

Attempted Bomb #Attack Stopped in Georgia

Authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia say an explosive device was planted on the car of a driver for the Israeli Embassy. The driver found the device, which was defused. (Feb. 13)

#Grammys Face a Challenging Night

The 54th annual Grammy Awards were dominated by two soulful pop divas: Adele—whose six prizes included record, song and album of the year—and Whitney Houston, whose death the day before the show became a recurring motif throughout the three-plus hour broadcast. Christopher Farley has details on Lunch Break.

#Obama: Budget requires 'tough choices'

As the president releases his 2013 budget, he also stresses the need for Congress to pass the payroll tax extension.

#Pakistani PM Gilani denies contempt charge

Pakistan's prime minister denies contempt of court
over his refusal to re-open corruption cases against the

#RawVideo: Trial for Man in Honeymoon Death

A U.S. man goes on trial in the death of his newlywed bride, who drowned eight years ago during a honeymoon diving trip in Australia. Prosecutors say Gabe Watson killed 26-year-old Tina Thomas Watson by turning off her air supply. (Feb. 13)

Four injured in #Israeli car blast: Home ministry

Special Secretary (Internal Security) Ajay Chadha said four people, including an Israeli woman, were injured in an explosion in an Israeli embassy vehicle.

Krishna speaks to Israeli FM, In the wake of an explosion

In the wake of an explosion in a car belonging to the Israeli embassy, external affairs minister SM Krishna on Monday spoke to his Israeli counterpart and told him that a probe had begun and the law of the land will take its course.

Protect northern seats: #NDP MPs - #Sudbury News

Sudbury and Nickel Belt MPs Glenn Thibeault and Claude Gravelle, joined their NDP counterparts Carol Hughes, Algoma-Manitoulin and Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus.

Tear gas & deja vu: #Greek drama never ends

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss tear gas and deja vu for financial crimes and tombstone austerity. In the second half of the show, Max talks to James Howard Kunstler of Kunstler.com about the John Brown moment in America and the control fraud of media.

#Israeli Diplomats Targeted in India, Georgia

Bombers targeted Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia Monday, plotted strikes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed on Iran. The device in Tblisi was defused, but in New Delhi the wife of an official was hospitalized.

#Israel embassy staff targeted in #bomb attacks

A bomb attack on an Israeli embassy car in the Indian capital New Delhi has injured a woman.

#Israeli embassy's car hit by #explosion near PM's residence

A car belonging to the Israeli embassy was gutted after it suddenly exploded in the VVIP area of Delhi on Monday. The Innova SUV car bearing diplomatic number 109 CD 35 went up in flames after it exploded near a petrol pump, metres away from 7 Race Course Road -- PM's residence. Another car in the vicinity was also damaged.

Four injured in Israeli embassy blast in New Delhi

A female employee of the Israeli embassy and three others were injured after bombers blew up a car outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, a senior Indian government official confirms.

Bailout Sellout: 'Germany desperate to chop Greek gangreen'

Germany's finance minister has declared that promises aren't enough anymore, saying that Greece must now implement reforms to prove it's not a bottomless pit. John Laughland, of the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris, says there are more radical plans currently being drawn up by the Germans...

潔儀胸壓熹熹 會展騷攬啜

Burning Banks: More footage of Greek chaos and riots

The worst riot damage in years has struck Greek cities as MPs pass harsh new austerity measures. Amateur video shows violent protests in central Volos, where a branch of one of Greece's largest banks - Eurobank - was torched.

Raw Video: Israeli Embassy Car Attacked

An explosion damaged an Israeli embassy vehicle in New Delhi, India. The driver and a diplomat's wife were injured. (Feb. 13)

Coroner: Don't Know Houston's Cause of Death Yet

2 days after Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at a Calif. hotel, the L.A. County Coroner's office says it still doesn't have a cause of death. Officials say they've completed the autopsy, and the singer's body will be returned to her family. (Feb. 13)

Whitney Houston Dead: Initial Information From Beverley Hills Police on ...

Beverley Hills police detail being called to investigate singer's death.

كلاكيت تاني مرة زيدان يحتفل بهدفه في هانوفر بدون حداد

تابعونا علي أقوي سايت ميديا رياضي وتوك شو :-

Chainsaw-wielding Dean Dinnen storms into Hull's Endyke pub

CCTV footage of Dean Dinnen, 24, storming into The Endyke pub, Hull, with a chainsaw, after he was earlier asked to leave because he would not put out his cigarette

لماذا جماهير الأندية الأخرى تشجع ضد الهلال ؟

Protest against ACTA - 11.02.2012, Sofia, Bulgaria

Whitney Houston muere a sus 48 años

Todavía no se informa de las causas de la muerte de la famosa cantante. La ganadora de varios premios Grammy era además conocida por su rol en la película "El Guardaespaldas".

Алексей Навальный: сценария Майдана не будет

Он был обычным блогером, а стал кумиром миллионов недовольных россиян. Алексей Навальный, намертво приклеивший к «Единой России» ярлык «партия жуликов и воров»; человек, которому пророчат президентское будущее - гость Большой политики.

أول لقطات لحسين سالم في المحكمة الأسبانية

لميس الحديدي تنفرد بأول لقطات لحسين سالم في المحكمة الأسبانية
شاهد- حسين سالم داخل المحكمة

Luka Bojović slao poljupce u kameru dok su ga hapsili

Iako su zvaničnici srpske policije koji su govorili o hapšenju četvorice najopasnijih srpskih kriminalaca u Valensiji isticali da su Luka Bojović, Vladimir MIlisavljević, Vladimir Mijanović i Siniša Petrić bili u popriličnom šoku i da "ni u snu se nisu nadali da će biti uhapšeni" , španska televizija RTVV je prikazala snimke hapšenja Luke Bojovića Pekara na kome se jasno vidi kako se nonšalantno šeta sa lisicama iza leđa uz prartnju policajca, osmehuje, a u prolazu je poslao poljubac kameri.

U sledećem kadru Luka Bojović je prikazan kako zamišljen sedi u policijskom automobilu, dok specijalci pretresaju automobil koji su koristili on i ostali optuženi.

Podsetimo, hapšenjem Luke Bojovića okončano je postojanje organizovane kriminalne grupe poznate kao "zemunski klan" koja je više od decenije "vladala" beogradskim podzemljem i sejala smrt, izvršila atentat na premijera Srbije Zorana Đinđića 2003, vršila otmice, iznude i druga teška krivična dela.

Facebook dad shoots his daughter's laptop

Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPhone Video - Tear Gas Used on Protests in Athens - Feb 12 2012

Citizen Footage of Athens on Fire Feb 12 2012

Protesters throw fire bombs at police in Athens 12.feb.2012

A total of 100,000 Greeks took to the streets to demonstrate against the government's planned sparepakke Sunday. Several buildings were burned in the capital Athens.

Des milliers de Grecs manifestent contre l'austérité

Cent mille personnes au total ont manifesté dimanche 12 février à Athènes (80.000) et à Salonique (20.000) contre un nouveau programme d'austérité dicté par l'UE et le FMI que s'apprêtent à voter les députés. Dans la capitale, six personnes ont été blessées dans des heurts entre forces anti-émeutes et groupes de jeunes.

希臘國會通過撙節法案 警民嚴重衝突

Coroner: Houston Autopsy Results Weeks Away

A coroner's official says Whitney Houston was found in a hotel bathtub but it'll take weeks to determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, her daughter was taken to a L.A. hospital Sunday, reportedly due to stress and anxiety, and later released. (Feb. 12)


Fox News lies about riots in Russia

Occupy Athens - Massive demonstration in the streets as the city burns

Feb 12 2012 World News Digest

Video: Athens on fire as mass protest turns violent

Raw Video: Greek Rioting Ahead of Austerity Vote



Φωτιά στο κτίριο του Αττικόν - topontiki.gr

Greek Riots! First Exchange Between Civilians And Cops

Video- Athens on fire as mass protest turns violent - YouTube.flv

Greek protests set to worsen

Feb 11 2012 Snowfall. Jinego, Chokai, Yurihonjo, Akita, Japan.

Concordia 2012-01-28 Rescue. Island of Giglio, ITALY

Citizen Footage of Athens Greece Uprising Feb 12 2012

Costa Concordia 2012-01-28 Rescue

Jeremy Lin career-high 38pts vs. Lakers || 2.10.12 || HD

2012-12-2 Athens protest against the new metra.

Citizen Footage of Athens Greece Uprising Feb 12 2012

'Explosive' atmosphere in Athens before bailout vote

μπατσοι πιασανε δυο 15 χρονους στο συνταγμα.....

tsantiri.gr: Τα ΜΑΤ απωθούν τους διαδηλωτές βίαια 12/02/2012

Διαδήλωση στο Σύνταγμα ενάντια στο Μνημόνιο 2 - 04

Newsbeast.gr - Φωτιά και καταστροφές

Whitney Houston Dies Aged 48 - World News Coverage Multiple Languages

Fans 'Speechless' Over Houston's Death

BBC News - Whitney Houston has died in Los Angeles at the age of 48

Whitney Houston's Death: 2012 Grammy Awards to Pay Tribute to Her Career

E' morta Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston ist tot

Reaction to Whitney Houston's Death at Clive Davis Party

Muere Whitney Houston

Muere la cantante Whitney Houston a los 48 años

CNN REPORTS News Whitney Houston DEAD At 48 R.I.P 1963-2012

Whitney Houston NOVA TN

Полиция исключает насильственную смерть У.Хьюстон

Whitney Houston morre aos 48 anos

BREAKING NEWS - Whitney Houston Dies Aged 48 - February 12th 2012

Whitney Houston Dead at age 48 - CNN news update Feb 11 2012

BREAKING NEWS - Whitney Houston Died Age 48!

No se Me Olvida - Radio Mc ORIGINAL

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Color Added" orange glows in the dark! Unbelievable!

Floatplane crash caught on a GOPRO mounted between the floats.

GOPRO flown into electric lines

DIY Rocket Flies Over 120 000 feet! Video from Onboard GOPRO

‫حلب - مشاهد التفجير الارهابي من مقر حفظ النظام 10-02-2012‬

Bloody aftermath of Aleppo explosions broadcast by Syrian TV

Syria - Assad Army Fires on Pro Democracy Protesters In Aleppo - 10-Feb-12

حلب :: حي الفردوس :: الشهيد يوسف محمد علوش 10/2/2012

Egypt: Marches converge at defence ministry مسيرات تجمع عند وزارة الدفاع

الرئيس التونسي يزور قبر والده بمراكش

زيارة المرزوقي للمغرب على الجزيرة

Complotto contro il Papa "morte tra un anno" (Esclusivo il Fatto Q. - Se...

Policias atropellan a señora en estación del trolebus de la villaflora

Болотная проголосовала за Путина

Dog bites anchor woman Fus Roh Dog!!

Nuvem estranha se forma em praia da Flórida (Nube extraña se forma en la...

Strange clouds form over Florida beach

Woolly Mammoth found Alive Crossing a river in Siberia: Still not extinct?

L'Euro c'est Fini

Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb 11 2012 Digest

Le Avventure di un Turista inglese in Italia (M.Travaglio a Servizio Pub...

Mysterious Flash Blast in the Russian Sky

قصيدة ديك ابوهم لايمان بكرى مع عمرو اديب

Итоги митинга на болотной

الملك يجري مباحثات مع الرئيس التونسي

肯德基被殴事主驳网民指控 否认发表种族言论挑衅惹祸

02.09 Makiyo狠踹司機 聲音版出爐

الذهبي بعد توقيفه بعدسة الراي الالكتروني

Пьяный поп за рулем устроил дебош сотрудникам ГАИ


قصيدة عمروقطامش للمجلس العسكري والفلول

baba amr distruction and bodies, 9-2-2012.avi

Ga Girl Fights Off Kidnapper at Walmart

Republican Chokes Up At Gay Marriage Debate In Washington

Dog bites television anchor

KFC assault victim denies provoking attack

Kyle Dyer gets bit by dog live

New Feature - Search the News Archive

關鍵證詞戳謊 ㄚ子5萬、湘瑩3萬偽證罪交保

คนอวดผี 8 กุมภาพันธ์ 2555 www.Dekclip.com 2/7

Jeremy Lin crosses over John Wall, dunks on Wizards

Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

Woolly Mammoth found alive in Siberia?

Наркоман павлик. Олег. (7 серия)

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

Walmart selling Nuclear Ovens

Saturday, February 4, 2012

За честные выборы. Посмотри сам, передай другу!

Matka Madzi przyznaje się do winy

Anchorwoman Sausage Blooper

Революция сетевых хомячков

شهادة ضد ضابط منع جنديا من التصدي للبلطجية ببورسعيد

كلمة د. عبيد الوسمي بمقره احتفالا بالفوز

뉴스타파 2회

صاحي : "وآخرتها؟" - بدوي وحضري وطرش بحر!!

真愛找麻煩 第38集

Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

Le nord de l'Australie sous les eaux

ABC News: Flooded Areas in Queensland declared Disaster Zones

الفيضان يحاصر مدينة بأكملها في أسترالي.flv

Moree floods 2012 2 of 2

Major Floods Strike Australia,People Helpless

Egipto - 75 Muertos Durante un Partido de Liga ( 01/02/12 ) Egypt Violen...

Egipto: un partido de fútbol acaba en una batalla a muerte entre las dos...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Überschwemmungen in Australien - Australian Floods Feb 2, 2012

Australian Floods Feb 2, 2012 - NSW victims evacuated !

Floods continue to rise in northern NSW

Überschwemmungen in Australien

South West Queensland Floods Disaster - February 3rd 2012

NSW floods Moree floods 2012

NSW flood victims evacuated

Aerial shots taken on Friday 3rd February of flooding in Moree.

Aerial shots taken on Friday 3rd February of flooding in Moree.

SW Qld faces flood emergency

Sky News: New South Wales, Australia, to face worst floods in 35 years

Australian Floods Feb 2012

Summer floods strike eastern Australia

Australian Towns Isolated by Floods

Charleville on High Alert - Australia Floods 2012

World News Trends Feb 3 2012

Слесарь против блоггера


13 歲援交女 無限 Q 八舊水

أحداث شغب في مصر عقب مباراة المصري والاهلي

Hollande enfariné par une femme fait preuve de sang-froid

McDonald's Pink Slime

مسرح الجريمة : انتقام زوجة

اقتحام مبنى الوطن اثناء مقابلة المسلم و الفضل

சீறிப்பாய்ந்த விஜயகாந்த்!

‫أحداث شغب مباراة بين الاهلى والمصرى بورسعيد اليوم‬

الاتجاه المعاكس وقلة ادب الشبيح جوزيف ابو فاضل

الأمن المركزي يقف متفرجا على المعتدين في ملعب بورسعيد

PRIMICIASYA.COM - Florencia Peña abandonó el móvil de "Desayuno americano"

При Путине стали более хуже жить

قطار المصابين يصل الي محطة رمسيس

Violences dans le stade de Port Saïd en Egypte

François Hollande enfariné !

MAURIZIO CROZZA - Ballarò 31/01/2012 - I giorni della Merla

74 قتيلاً و 1000 جريح بعد إجتياح جماهير بورسعيد للملعب

123 Killed As Egyptian Soccer Fans Riot on Field Following Al-Masry Vers...

Egypt football violence leaves scores dead in Port Said

Россия без Путина? Welcome to hell!

나경원, 호화 피부클리닉 논란 .wmv

شاهد عيان بورسعيدي على أحداث مباراة الأهلي والمصري

شهداء مبارة الاهلي والمصري.wmv

لاول مره مذيع فى النليفزيون المصرى يهاجم ادارة مصر

АНТИОРАНЖЕВЫЙ МИТИНГ 4 февраля 13:00 Поклонная гора

Радулов ударил тренера клюшкой

اول فيديو داخل غرفة لعيبة الاهلى وسط الاموات

هجوم جماهير المصرى على لاعبى الأهلى

شغب جمهور بورسعيد على لاعبي الأهلى